Tour 2003 Black T-Shirt

Tour 2003 Black T-Shirt

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A design made by Timo Ketola for the tour with DISSECTION in 2004, on which he was also a part of the road crew.

This shirt is a part of the TIMO KETOLA IN MEMORIAM series, honoring the life and work of the artist Timo Ketola (1975 - 2020). Timo contributed greatly to the visual legacy of Watain and the worldwide Black/Death Metal underground in general. His work for Watain includes the album covers for Casus Luciferi and Sworn to the Dark, the Reaping Death single and the Nuclear Alchemy single. He was one of Watain's earliest supporters and remained close to the band until his untimely passing in 2020. May his noble legacy live on forever.


* Color: Black

* Manufacturer: Gildan

* Article: Heavy Cotton

* Print: 1-sided

* Fabric Content: 100% Cotton

* Gender: Male

* Preshrunk: Preshrunk